Common Questions During Pregnancy and Birth
  • Arriving At the Hospital for Your Birth
    1. Where do I enter when I arrive at the hospital?
      Facility access is limited during this time. Please view your hospital’s dedicated building entrances before arrival, or speak with your with provider.

    2. Will I be tested for COVID-19 when I arrive at the hospital?
      Any person having surgery or a procedure, including birth, at a Texas Health hospital will be tested for COVID-19 to provide appropriate care for the patient, and for the protection of visitors and the care team.

    3. If I am in labor when I arrive at the hospital, will l be tested before being admitted?
      When you arrive, care team members will evaluate you to determine a safe and appropriate care plan. If you are in active labor, you will be admitted to the hospital as you normally would and then the test will be administered in your labor and delivery room or triage area.

    4. Do I have to wear a mask?
      Universal masking is one of the most effective ways to reduce the transmission of COVID-19, so we’re asking everyone in the hospital to wear a mask. We will provide you and your support person with masks when you arrive. Follow this link for tips on how to best protect yourself when wearing a mask.

  • Testing
    1. Can I get tested in advance of arriving for labor and delivery at the hospital?
      Regardless of prior tests, you will need to be tested at admission to help safeguard you and the care team. You could potentially receive a negative test result and then receive a positive result several days later when the virus has a stronger presence in your system.

    2. May I decline testing?
      Testing is recommended to promote the health of you and your baby. Patients who have COVID-19 can have a weakened immune system and may have inflammatory symptoms that can compromise healing. We encourage you to speak with your provider about the best decision for you.

    3. Will my support person be tested for COVID-19?
      Your support person will not be tested for COVID-19, but they will be screened each time they enter the hospital and asked to wear a mask.

    4. How much does a test cost?
      Insurance coverage varies by plan. Please check with your insurance provider as to what is covered. Follow this link for more information on hospital related costs.

  • During Your Labor and Birth
    1. Will I have to wear a mask during labor and delivery?
      Wearing a mask is preferred, and we will work with you to support your needs for comfort.

    2. Are doulas allowed?
      In addition to your one support person, a doula is allowed during labor and delivery. Please know you must test negative for COVID-19 before your doula will be allowed to provide support.

    3. Will I be separated from my baby if I test positive for COVID-19?
      Texas Health will follow guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics, American College of OB/GYN and the Centers for Disease Control for how to keep you and your baby safe during your hospital stay. Ultimately, any decisions about care for you and your baby will be between you and your provider, based on what is best for you both.

  • During Your Hospital Stay
    1. Are visitors allowed?
      You may have one support person and a doula. Your support person cannot be rotated throughout the day and must remain in your room, including to eat food, and avoid congregating in common areas or lobbies. Visitors are encouraged to maintain social distancing and be diligent about good hand hygiene.

  • Additional Questions
    1. Will parents be asked to quarantine for two weeks after discharge?
      We recommend following current public health guidelines on social distancing after discharge. If a mother tests positive during her hospital stay, she will be advised by her provider on appropriate precautions and guidelines to follow after discharge.

    2. Will I still be discharged with my baby if I am positive?
      You will be discharged following the hospital’s standard protocols. If you are positive for COVID-19, your provider will advise you on appropriate precautions and guidelines to follow after discharge.

    3. How often are care team members being tested?
      Texas Health care team members are required to self-monitor twice daily. This includes checking temperature and symptoms while at work and at home. Care team members who are symptomatic are not allowed to enter the hospital.

    4. When will in-person childbirth and prenatal classes resume?
      There is no definitive date on when in-person classes will resume at this time. We are continuing to monitor the situation and will follow guidance of state and local officials including size gatherings and phased re-opening guidelines.

      Texas Health does offer several online and virtual childbirth classes. Follow this link to view or register for classes.

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