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Access average inpatient charges and detailed hospital charge information for respective hospitals in the Texas Health system.
  • Hospital Standard Charges

    In accordance with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines, a list of hospital standard charges is available by Texas Health facility.

    Your actual charges may differ for many reasons, such as your insurance or other coverage limits (deductibles, coinsurance, copayment, etc.), benefit coverage, time spent in surgery and recovery, specific equipment and supplies and/or implants used, additional tests required by the physician, or unexpected issues. For more personalized information in a simpler format, we recommend accessing Texas Health’s cost estimate tool here.

    COVID-19 Pricing for Diagnostic Testing

      • COVID-19 diagnostic tests are provided to Texas Health hospital patients only. Additional services provided during the same hospital visit may result in additional charges.
      • Texas Health hospitals do not accept walk-in COVID-19 lab testing.
      • Patients who would like to use their insurance or other coverage for a COVID-19 diagnostic test should confirm with their insurance or other coverage company that testing will be covered. Texas Health Resources will bill the patient for tests not covered by insurance or other coverage.
      • CMS has defined “cash price” as the charge that applies to an individual who pays in cash (or cash equivalent) for a COVID-19 diagnostic test. Patients who request a cash price for a COVID-19 diagnostic test will not have a bill sent to their insurance or other coverage company.
        • Patients with insurance or other coverage, and choose to pay out-of-pocket, are considered Self-Pay Select.
        • Patients without insurance or other coverage are considered Non-Covered.

      Description CPT Non-covered Cash Price  Self-pay Select Cash Price 
       COVID-19 ANTIBODY, SINGLE STEP QUAL/SEMI-QUANT.  86328  $49.78  $63.35
       COVID-19 ANTIBODY, QUALITATIVE ANTIBODY TEST  86769  $46.34  $58.98
       COVID-19 NUCLEIC ACID, ANY TECHNIQUE, NON-CDC TEST  87635  $74.94  $95.38
       COVID-19 NUCLEIC ACID, ANY TECHNIQUE, NON-CDC TEST  U0002  $74.94  $95.38
       COVID-19 AMPLFD. PROBE, HIGH THROUGHPUT INSTRMNT  U0003  $74.94  $95.38
       COVID-19 AMPLFD. PROBE, HIGH THROUGHPUT INSTRMNT  U0005  $25.00  $31.85

  • Charges by Facility

    The machine readable files linked below are intended to serve as a guide for individual patient charges listed on a hospital bill. Texas Health Resources is working as quickly as possible to post each hospital’s standard charges in a machine readable format. Check back here for updates.

    Please note Texas Health Resources has created a cost estimate tool that is easier to use. You can search for the most frequently scheduled services and it calculates your estimated out of pocket responsibility. Consumers and patients are encouraged to visit Get a Cost Estimate for more personalized and user-friendly information.

    Texas Health also provides cash prices for patients without insurance or other coverage, please call 877-773-2368, Option 3, if you have any questions or to more accurately determine your out-of-pocket expense.

  • Compare Charges across Texas

    Compare average charges for the most common inpatient services at hospitals across Texas using Texas PricePoint, a resource sponsored by the Texas Hospital Association.

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